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Emergency Dentist Temple TX Dental

Emergency Dentist Temple TX Dental

While you wait for treatment, eating, resting, and performing other daily tasks can be challenging. Anybody can experience a dental injury, accident, fractured tooth, or sudden, excruciating toothache. We are available to help you! Temple, Harker Heights, Killeen, Belton, and Troy residents can access our Temple Dentist for emergency dental treatment.

Dr. Hiep Pham at HQ Temple Dentist provides emergency dental care around the clock. Our urgent dental care is regarded as one of the top emergency dental offices in Temple, TX, and Bell County for treating adult, child, and family dental emergencies.

Ari Marco

HQ Dental team have done fantastic high quality routine and cosmetic work on my teeth as well as my families. There is no better dentist in Georgetown.

Tan Nguyen

HQ Dental is among the best dental clinics I have visited. I think their secret is the true care of patients.

Anastassia Moser

Everyone who worked in my mouth was extremely gentle, yet thorough. They’ve certainly found a patient for life

It is commended by the American Dental Association (ADA) that you and your family go for a regular checkup at your family dentist twice a year. This is commonly known as a maintenance cleaning, where your teeth are cleaned to remove any significant plaque accumulation and prevent the onset of tooth decay.

What to Expect if You Visit an Emergency Dentist at HQ Temple Dentist?

We will promptly diagnose your issue when you come to our HQ Temple Emergency Dentist with a dental emergency. Our Temple emergency dentist, Dr. Pham, will review your treatment options thoroughly. We will treat your discomfort with painkillers and prescription antibiotics in specific dental emergencies. Visit our HQ Temple Emergency Dentist for expert care during dental emergencies.

If the dentist you usually see is not available:
If you don't see a dentist frequently:

Dr. Hiep Pham is an emergency dentist in Temple, and his top focus is to relieve your discomfort. We can talk about longer-term treatment after Temple Dental treatment has taken care of your dental emergency so that future dental emergencies might be avoided. You will learn the most recent dental care methods from our compassionate Temple emergency dental care experts.

Understanding emergency dental procedures might make the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

Which Conditions Can Lead to Dental Emergencies?

Dental care can be easily put off because of our hectic schedules. Leaving a minor to moderate rot region untreated can cause it to enlarge. A large, deep cavity inside a tooth can be pretty sensitive. Some people are also deterred from getting dental care by fear.

This is not recommended because going too long between dental checkups can lead to pain, infection, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. Finding a gentle Emergency Dentist who you can visit frequently is crucial for this reason. Delaying dental care might lead to more expensive treatment as well.

Dental emergencies can still happen to patients who have regular cleanings and exams. Trauma from an unintentional fall, a sports injury, or an auto accident might cause a dental emergency. A damaged tooth might shatter even during routine chewing and biting actions. Our Temple Dentist’s emergency center is dedicated to providing patients with pain relief so they may get on with their everyday activities. Visit our Temple Emergency Dentist for prompt and expert care during dental emergencies.

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What Kinds of Dental Emergencies Could There Be?

Here are a few typical dental emergencies:

Loose Fillings: as time passes, gold, composite, and silver amalgam fillings may break loose and fall out. This may lead to hypersensitivity in the teeth and sharp spots that might hit the cheek, lips, or tongue. Additionally, there may be an effect on food.

A new filling or buildup and crown may be inserted if there is little to no decay and enough tooth and bone support. Restoration should be completed as quickly as feasible to prevent further harm to the tooth.

Avulsion (knocked-out teeth): A knocked-out tooth is an emergency that must be attended to immediately. A tooth that was accidentally knocked out may occasionally be able to be reinserted. To keep the tooth stable while it heals, splints are frequently employed.

Injury in Sports:

A dental emergency is more likely if you play any contact sports, including baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or other sports. Dental damage can result from any activity, including riding a bike, a horse, diving, or jumping on a trampoline. Sports-related dental injuries can result in teeth being knocked out, tongue bites, and lacerations. An imprint can be obtained for a bespoke athletic mouthguard that might provide some defense against sports-related dental injuries. When faced with such situations, consult with an Emergency Dentist for immediate assistance.

Teeth that have been broken: Breaking a tooth is a terrible event. Perhaps you're concerned that the tooth can't be salvaged. A cracked tooth could be unpleasant in the mouth's front area. A tooth may shatter due to trauma. Teeth without crown protection may break if they have large silver amalgam or composite fillings. If you experience a dental emergency involving broken teeth, contact an Emergency Dentist for prompt evaluation and treatment.

Tooth decay can seriously weaken and crack a tooth. Many teeth have broken from clenching and grinding. Some people clench their teeth or grind their jaw during stress or intense concentration. The majority of people clench and grind their teeth while they are asleep. You can use night or occlusal guards to shield your teeth from harm. Occlusal guards can fit over all teeth in an arch or just the front teeth. They can be worn over the top or bottom teeth. In case of any issues related to teeth clenching, grinding, or dental damage, reach out to an Emergency Dentist for expert guidance.

Avoid using your teeth to open things, chew on ice, pens, and other objects that are too hard to swallow because doing so increases your risk of fracture. Repairing teeth that break down the root or below the gum line might not be possible. If the tooth needs to be pulled, Dr. Pham, our Emergency Dentist, will review all of your tooth replacement alternatives with you. Implants, partial dentures, and bridges are a few therapeutic procedures. It may be necessary to have a root canal before restoring a tooth that has fractured in a way that exposes the tooth's nerve. When facing such dental challenges, consult with an Emergency Dentist for the most suitable course of action.

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wisdom teeth:

The last teeth that come out of the mouth are wisdom teeth. They often start to act out in their late teens or early 20s. They can be challenging to clean as they are so deep back in the mouth, which could make them more prone to rotting. The tooth could become infected if the decay is not treated.

Wisdom teeth can erupt at an angle, putting pressure on the teeth next to them. The removal of troublesome wisdom teeth may be advised. Before the extraction, anesthesia will be injected. You can feel pressure during the extraction, but you shouldn't experience any discomfort.

It is crucial to adhere to all post-operative recommendations to avoid a dry socket or other issues that could impede recovery. Dr. Pham, our Temple dentist, can remove your wisdom teeth right now.

Dental Abscess:

A dental abscess or infection can result in excruciatingly painful swelling, foul breath, pounding or aching discomfort, and difficulties eating. Other body parts may suffer adverse effects from a dental abscess. A dental abscess may occasionally require the use of an antibiotic. A temporary fix for a tooth abscess is to take antibiotics.

If the root of the infection is not addressed, it will ultimately come back. If a tooth with an abscess is salvageable, root canal therapy may be used to treat it. Dr. Phamroutinely administered this procedure. Before beginning the root canal, he may sometimes advise taking antibiotics for a few days. This is done to lessen infection and increase comfort throughout the root canal process.

Following root canal therapy, a crown could be advised to protect the tooth. If a tooth with an abscess cannot be saved, it may need removal. Dr. Pham has extensive training in tooth extraction.


A relatively common dental emergency is a toothache. In most cases, toothaches occur at least once in a person's lifetime. Before starting treatment, the reason for the toothache may be determined through testing and an x-ray.

Repairing dentures

A full or partial denture can occasionally lose its fake teeth. Additionally, the base element or clasps could shatter. Even though it might not be unpleasant, it's still critical to fix cracked or broken complete or partial dentures so they can work properly. Although some denture restorations can be completed in the dental office, others might require the services of a dental lab.


Cuts, sores, and abrasions within or around the mouth may commonly be treated in a dental clinic. A medical establishment may need to treat severe cuts.

TMJ pain:

Clenching, grinding, misaligned teeth, trauma, and other reasons can all lead to Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) discomfort, popping, and clicking. The manifestations can be addressed once the reason has been determined.

Loose Crowns:

A crown may become loose due to decay, a fracture, or an inadequate cement bond. It is occasionally possible to re-cement the crown if there is no deterioration. It can be necessary to create a new crown if there is decay or if the tooth is cracked but still repairable.

Gum Bleeding:

Finding blood on your toothbrush or in the sink can be incredibly shocking. Some causes of bleeding gums include hormonal changes during pregnancy, infections, bad oral hygiene, and incorrect brushing and flossing.

Which Conditions Can Lead to Dental Emergencies?

Because medical professionals lack the skills and tools required to treat dental issues, many patients who visit a medical facility for a dental emergency are directed to an Emergency Dentist in the area. Most dental crises can be handled more effectively and affordably in a fully-stocked dentist's office than in an urgent care center or hospital emergency room. Your dental issue may be treatable in several ways. Dr. Pham, an Emergency Dentist in Temple, will discuss your treatment options with you. He will give the finest treatment while outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

HQ Temple Dentist, who served as Temple Dentist Emergency Center's front desk staff, will assist you in understanding the details of your insurance and will file your dental claim on your behalf if you have dental insurance. Temple, TX, and Bell County people can receive gentle, high-quality dental care at the Temple Dentist Emergency clinic. Due to our longer operating hours, we can accommodate patients with demanding schedules. When you or someone you love has a dental emergency in the future, please call Temple Dentist at +1(254)773-1672 to make an appointment with an Emergency Dentist. Our helpful and pleasant staff would be pleased to see you for non-emergency dental care if you don't already have a regular dentist and want to stay with us. According to HQ Temple dentist Dr. Hiep Pham, "There aren't any rewards like witnessing the happiness of the patient after relieving their pain; that is what makes it all worth it" when it comes to giving emergency dental care. Additionally, according to Dr. Pham, treating a patient's pain is a fundamental medical procedure that should be provided to each patient with the highest level of care at a reasonable price. Affordable emergency dentistry is Dr. Pham's specialty.

Our emergency dental service is regarded as some of the best in the neighborhood. HQ Temple Dentist provides same-day emergency appointments and walk-in dental emergency services during regular business hours.

Temple Dentist is delighted to say that since its founding on August 11, 1995, it has never had to say no to treating a single walk-in patient in pain. Our practice has gained labels like "Temple 24/7 emergency dentist" for after-hours dental emergency services thanks to our practical 24/7 emergency answering service and Dr. Pham's rapid reaction to dental emergency phone calls. Our urgent Temple Dentist facility is now known by phrases like "emergency dentist near me," "emergency dental clinic near me," and "emergency dentist appointment near me. When users search for terms like "best emergency dentist near me," "emergency dentist by me," or "911 dentist close by," Temple Dentist's website is prominently shown in the results. Our practice's services—including emergency care—receive a 4.9 rating on Google reviews. Even while we'll be the first to say that we can't always meet our client's needs and that there will be occasions when we fall short of their expectations, our testimonials on Facebook, YouTube, and Yelp speak plenty about the quality of our work. For the following dental insurance providers, Temple Dentist offers emergency dental services: Dental Benefit Providers PPO, Guardian Dental PPO, First Dental Health PPO, MetLife Dental PPO, Ameritas Dental PPO, Assurant Dental PPO, Anthem BlueCross Dental PPO, Aetna Dental PPO, DenteMax Dental PPO, Delta Dental PPO, Geha Connection PPO, Dentegra Dental PPO, HealthNet Dental PPO, Humana Dental PPO, Principal Dental PPO. Additionally, Dr. Pham is a top Delta Dental provider.

Frequently Asked Questions About dental emergencies

You can receive compassionate assistance from Dr. Pham’s compassionate staff for dental emergencies around-the-clock. For our urgent Temple Dentist service, “24-hour emergency dentists near me” has come to be synonymous.

When you contact the office after regular business hours, our live answering service will arrange a callback with Temple dentist Dr. Pham to address your concerns and decide the best way to handle your dental emergency. You might occasionally need to see the office for an urgent examination and treatment. We’ll try to put you at ease and take care of your problems.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have a dental emergency. If our office is closed, Dr. Pham will call you back if you leave a message with our live answering service. If Dr. Pham determines it is essential, he may ask you to visit our office so we can perform x-rays and administer treatment following the emergency you are going through.

Emergency care is frequently required to stop catastrophic damage from happening, lessen excruciating pain, or even preserve your tooth. We are aware that suffering from a sudden dental trauma of any kind can be traumatic and painful. However, you never need to be concerned since Temple Dentist’s skilled staff remains just a call away.

Dental emergencies should be handled as soon as possible so we can do whatever is necessary to save your tooth. Please be advised that you must call 911 or go to an emergency room for quick dental care if your dental emergency involves injuries to your head or jaw.

We know the pain and fear associated with a dental emergency and want to ensure you get the care you want to feel well as soon as possible. You don’t need to endure unnecessary anguish when we can assist you.

Our staff comprises kind individuals who will advise you on handling your situation and set up a prompt appointment. We welcome your contact if you or your family needs emergency care. The Temple Dentist staff values your dental health greatly and will do everything possible to preserve it.

Call 911 or immediately head to the emergency room if your tooth was knocked out due to a head or jaw injury. If not, please get in touch with our office right once. We are available around the clock via phone every day of the week. One of the most crucial things to avoid is contacting the tooth’s root until you can visit our Temple clinic. To help protect the tooth, the tissue connected to the root must be preserved.

Getting to our office soon is crucial because the quicker we start treating you, the more likely we can keep the tooth. Hold the tooth’s crown firmly while carefully rinsing the root with lukewarm salt water to prevent further damage. Avoid attempting to scrape the tooth since preserving the integrity of the root and tooth is crucial.

If at all possible, make a gentle attempt to reattach the tooth’s root to its socket.

It is crucial to ensure the root does not dry up before you arrive at our office and guard against additional root injury. Put the tooth in a cup of milk or water to keep it moist if you can’t put the root back in the socket.

Use very light finger pressure to try and realign the tooth to its normal alignment, but avoid pressing down too hard.

To prevent the tooth from shifting, bite firmly.

Make an appointment right away by calling Temple Dentist at  +1(254)773-1672.

The two good teeth next to the loose tooth could be replaced by a splint by Dr. Pham.

Even if your child has lost a baby tooth, you must continue to attempt to keep it moist by placing it in milk or using a tooth preservation solution that a dentist has recommended. Keep your hands away from the tooth’s root. To help save the tooth, the tissue connected to the root must be preserved.

To schedule an emergency appointment, give HQ Temple Dentist a call immediately. Dr. Pham, your Temple dentist, will assess how much of the tooth has been destroyed and whether another implant is necessary.

If something becomes caught in your mouth or your child’s mouth, use floss to get it out gently. Dr. Pham, a dentist in Temple, advises against using sharp or pointed devices since they could break teeth or hurt delicate gums. If objects in the teeth are not removed, they may hurt or infect the mouth. If you cannot remove it, make an appointment with Temple Dentist.

Cracked teeth can result in more than aesthetic issues, whether you cracked them while biting down on a complex item or after experiencing face trauma. A cracked tooth can deteriorate if left untreated by a dentist, resulting in infection and even tooth loss.

If you fracture or break one of your teeth, try to gather as many broken pieces as possible and wrap them in a fresh, damp cloth. Contact Temple Dentist immediately. The sooner you can schedule an appointment, the faster they can fix your broken tooth.

If a tooth is cracked:

Mouthwash with warm salt water.

To minimize swelling, apply an ice pack or cold compress.

If you don’t have an ibuprofen allergy or contraindication, a sensitive stomach, or a stomach ulcer, use ibuprofen instead of aspirin to treat pain.

Visit your dentist immediately, and they will decide on the best course of action based on the extent to which the tooth is damaged.

How severe the break is can only be determined by a dentist.

Minor fracture: Your dentist may use a sandpaper disc to smooth out minor fractures, or they may choose to leave them alone. Another choice is to use a composite restoration to repair the tooth. In either scenario, take good care of the tooth for a few days.

Moderate fractures might injure the pulp, dentin, or enamel. The tooth may become a permanent crown if the pulp is not irreparably harmed. If pupal damage does occur, more dental care will be needed.

Severe Fracture: Severe fractures frequently indicate a traumatized tooth with a poor prognosis.

Schedule an appointment by calling Temple Dentist right away.

Whenever tissue is harmed:

Tears, puncture wounds, and lacerations to the cheek, lips, or tongue are injuries that occur inside the mouth. As soon as possible, the wound should be washed with lukewarm water, and the injured individual should be sent to the hospital’s emergency room for the required care.

By moving the tongue forward and applying pressure to the area with gauze, bleeding from a tongue cut can be lessened. You’ll likely need to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Hiep Pham, your Temple dentist.

Ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory drug should be taken. Aspirin should be avoided because it includes components that thin blood and aggravate the problem. To address the source of your discomfort, contact Temple dentist.

We may ask you to visit our office to investigate your pain or swelling and take x-rays.

Ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory drug should be taken. Aspirin should be avoided because it includes components that thin blood and aggravate the problem. If you are feeling pain or swelling, please get in touch with Temple Dentist to address the root of the issue. We’d love to help with your filling issue! To properly assess the situation and take x-rays, please visit our office.

We look forward to seeing you. We look forward to seeing you.

I lost a filling. How can I tell whether it’s a difficult situation?

Nothing is worse than having terrible tooth pain wake you up at night.

In many circumstances, the pain may be so intense that you cannot identify the tooth from which it is emanating.

Nothing is worse than having terrible tooth pain wake you up in the middle of the night. In many circumstances, the pain may be so intense that you cannot identify the tooth from which it is emanating.

It makes no difference what other people may think about it at the time because, from your perspective, it is an emergency right now. As a general rule, below are some of the more frequent dental emergencies we deal with:

A mishap or injury to your tooth that resulted in fracture or breakage

a gum lump or pimple that you can’t explain

sudden, excruciating toothache or swelling

Having a toothache that is so bad that it radiates pain into your face

Trauma or sports injury brought on by an accident

loss of a dental crown, veneer, filling, or another restorative

Never hesitate to contact Temple dentist Dr. Phamif you’ve gone through any of the situations mentioned earlier or if you suddenly have a dental issue that is not mentioned above. If your emergency arises within regular business hours, we will schedule a visit with you as soon as possible.

You can contact Temple Dentist at any time, even after hours. Thanks to our live answering service, Dr. Pham will contact you back to address your concerns and decide how to handle your situation best.

Making a kit and keeping it in a handy location in your home is the simplest approach to be prepared for a dental emergency. Ambosol or Orajel, short-term fillings, orthodontic wax, a dental probe, cotton balls, swabs, gauze, Ibuprofen (not aspirin, aspirin is an anticoagulant medication, which may cause excessive bleeding in a dental emergency), a small container with a lid, saline solution, and your dentist’s contact information should all be included in the emergency dental kit.

Maintain good dental hygiene and take care of your teeth by brushing them three times daily and flossing every night before bed.

Additionally, it’s in your best advantage to safeguard your teeth by using a mouth guard and a helmet if you participate in high-contact sports. Visit us twice yearly for a dental cleaning, exam, and routine checkup.

I’ve broken my jaw. What should I do?

Call 911

A jaw injury should be treated as an emergency due to the possibility of bleeding or breathing problems. Support your jaw to give stability and maintain an open airway while you wait for medical assistance. For severe breaks resulting in misplaced bone fragments, surgery may be required. Fortunately, if the fracture is clean, your jaw will self-heal as long as it is immobilized. The type of fracture ultimately determines the necessary course of therapy.

For a slight fracture, all that may be required is a bandage for your head and chin to keep your jaw from opening too widely. Anti-inflammatories available over the counter can reduce swelling while minimizing pain or discomfort. To keep the jaw tight and protect your bite, a more severe fracture would necessitate having it wired shut for the time being. A jaw fracture requires at least six weeks of healing. For a while, your diet will consist of fluids through a piece of straw if the break is substantial because using your mouth will (and should) be limited.