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Fractured tooth Temple TX Dental

Fractured Tooth Temple TX Dental

Fractured tooth can sometimes be challenging to detect with the naked eye or even dental X-rays. In such cases, dentists rely on diagnostic tests and patient information about their symptoms to confirm the presence of a tooth fracture. Patients must be mindful of any circumstances that may trigger tooth pain, such as chewing, biting, consuming sweet foods, exposure to air, and consuming hot or cold food and beverages. Additionally, the appearance of gum pus drainage can be a significant indicator of a potential tooth fracture, and sharing this information with your Temple, TX, area dentist is essential.

In more apparent instances, when a substantial portion of a tooth or filling breaks off, the fracture and the need for a dental emergency visit become evident. It's important to note that a tooth fracture can gradually progress until a larger area of the tooth structure breaks. This is often observed during eating, where the fracture repeatedly opens and closes each time a person bites down. In severe cases, a tooth fracture may even lead to the splitting of the roots, necessitating extraction, mainly if the fracture is located in a region that cannot be adequately restored.

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Managing a Fractured Tooth

When visiting the dentist for a dental emergency, the Temple, TX, area dentist will assess the situation and discuss tooth replacement options if necessary. Many dentists recommend dental implants as the ideal option for good-health patients, especially when dealing with a fractured tooth. However, if an implant is not viable, fixed bridges or partial dentures are other viable alternatives to consider in the case of a fractured tooth.

When a fracture reaches the tooth's pulp, a root canal process may be recommended to save the tooth. The term "root canal" may evoke anxiety in some individuals, but the reality is that root canals are routine procedures and are often no more traumatic than having a large filling done. During a root canal, the dentist will anesthetize the tooth and clean the roots thoroughly, removing the nerve and blood vessels from each root in the case of a fractured tooth. Once the roots are meticulously cleaned to the desired length, they are filled, along with the access area used to reach the tooth.

It's essential to remember that a tooth without nerves or blood vessels can become brittle and prone to breakage. To guard the tooth from further damage, a fractured tooth is expertly prepared and placed over the coronal portion of the tooth. Several types of crowns are available, with many patients opting for tooth-colored crowns that blend seamlessly with their natural teeth.

Dental Emergency Care and Your Choices

During your dental emergency appointment, your Temple, TX, area dentist will comprehensively explain the available treatment options, ensuring you are well-informed about your oral health choices, particularly when dealing with a fractured tooth. A detailed treatment plan, including an estimate of out-of-pocket costs, will be provided to assist you in making an educated decision about your dental care.

Dr. Hiep Pham, an experienced dentist near Temple, TX, is committed to addressing dental emergencies promptly and effectively. His office offers extended hours to accommodate various schedules, prioritizing prompt attention to your dental needs. Delaying the treatment of a fractured tooth may lead to further complications and damage, so it is essential to reach out for immediate dental care if you suspect a dental emergency. Your oral health is invaluable, and timely treatment can help preserve the integrity of your teeth and promote overall well-being.

When it comes to safeguarding your oral health, understanding the significance of timely treatment is vital. It's crucial to remember that a tooth without nerves or blood vessels can become brittle and prone to breakage. To protect your tooth from further damage, dental crown is expertly prepared and placed over the coronal portion of the tooth, especially in the case of a fractured tooth. With various crown options available, many patients opt for tooth-colored crowns, seamlessly blending with their natural teeth for a harmonious smile.